A casual chic cocktail bar with locations in Boston’s historic Back Bay and vibrant Waterfront. Join us for a drink, stay for a bite, socialize in stylish comfort.

The perfect place to wind down after work, grab a drink before dinner or stop off for a nightcap. City Bar offers a wide variety of expert infusions, unique martinis and classic cocktails. Our carefully selected menu of single malts, cognacs, beer and wine will please the most discerning palette. Stop off for a drink to start your night or grab a nightcap and a bite from our late night menu.

Back Bay

65 Exeter Street
Boston, MA 02116
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425 Summer Street
Boston, MA 02110
directions & hours

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  • "Its dark lighting and swanky, polished décor coupled with a hearty list of wines, cocktails and beers make it an ideal location for a romantic night out." -Nicole Anderson, The Culture Trip, December 2015

  • A Dozen Places to Drink Whiskey in Boston ~Boston.com, September 2015

  • "Fathman's Infusions Diabolique are a series of one of kind cocktails that out pace the present infusion trend in bars around the city." ~Dish Magazine, December 2002

  • "There was a certainly good "happy hour" vibe at City Bar, thanks in no small part to the extremely attractive - er, attentive wait staff, who were slinging drinks and flirting in equal measure. Which made us quite happy indeed." ~Linda Rodrigues, Scott Kathan, Stuff @ Night,

  • "While we're skeptical about chocolate milk's ability to replace electrolytes, we do have faith in the buzzworthy benefits of City Bar's Willy Wonka, a smooth chocolate-flavored vodka martini that features Godiva white and dark, swimming with white créme de cacao." ~Stuff @ Night, July 2012

  • "It takes a discerning palate to really get infused liquors right. City Bar makes infused liquors heavenly." ~Stuff @ Night, January 2003

  • A-List, America's 10 Best Hotel Bars

  • "Boston's Best Hotel Bar!." ~Improper Bostonian, Boston's Best, 2004

  • "Boston's Best Hotel Bar!." ~Improper Bostonian, Boston's Best, 2006